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OSOYOO Robot car kit Smart Car Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Android IOS APP WiFi

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OSOYOO Robot Car Kit Smart Car Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi | Model 3B, 2B, B+ | Detailed Tutorial | Android / IOS APP | Web Camera Video WiFi Wireless (Does not include Raspberry Pi board )

1. This is an advanced Robot Car learning kit based on Raspberry Pi and Android App. We don’t recommend users who have no computer experience to buy this kit. This IS NOT A TOY for young children. This is a learning kit for STEM education.
2. An elaborately-written user manual,video,python code with explanation and schematic diagrams are provided. User with some experience on linux OS, some python and linux OS background will find this kit is quite challenging and really a good start point to do more complex robot projects such as computer vision, machine learning etc which need Linux OS to support complicated application logic.
3. A webcam is included you can check the video and control the car in a real-time manner on your web browser or Android cell phone.
4. A unique Model-Pi module in this kit will provide control for car motors and power for Raspberry Pi board. So you no need to buy extra special battery adapter to power your raspberry. Connection plugs are specially designed for easy installation.
5. Two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries are required but not included in this kit. If you don’t have 18650 battery,
please buy them seperately.
6. Raspberry Pi Board is not included in this kit. If you don’t have raspberry pi board, please buy them separately.


Easy Assembly

The robot car adopts humanized design for easy assembly. With dual molex plug on Model Pi driver module and customized wires, it can greatly simplify the assembly procedure and wire connection stability. The Model Pi module also provides 5V micro-USB power output for Raspberry Pi and greatly simplify Raspberry Pi power system.

Line Tracking Sensors

5 black/white sensors are included in this. Two python sample programs are included in this kit which can help you understand how to use Raspberry Pi GPIO to control and test sensor status and make car to track a black line.
Intelligent robot car

The car in this kit is controlled by Raspberry Pi which has Linux Operation System. With Linux OS, robot car can complete tasks which are much more complex logic than traditional Arduino Car. In this kit, we provide an example of Webcam car which can send real time image to a linux web server and you can use browser or Cell phone APP to monitor and control the robot car through internet.

If you want do some more challenging task, theoretically you can google solution (i.e opencv for computer vision and machine learning on Raspberry Pi )and create your own linux based STEM project. You are welcome to share your project in our website

Detailed User Manual & Open Source Code

An elaborately-written user manual is provided, including code explanation and thorough schematic diagrams. Also we’ve published several video tutorials for operation. The code for the car is written in Python and entirely open source.


4 x USB2.0

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WiFi 802.11b/g/n

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