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Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit DIY Electronic RPi Learning Kit for Beginner Display pca9685 with C/Python code and video tutorial

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Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit DIY Electronic RPi Learning Kit for Beginner Display pca9685 with C/Python code and video tutorial

This Raspberry Pi Starter Kit was designed to help beginners to make DIY projects with the powerful Raspberry Pi
This Raspberry Pi learning kit includes various sensors, LCD display,servo, some IC chips and supporting devices such as LED,resistors, breadboard etc.(Raspberry Pi single-board computer is not included)
This ultimate starter RPI kit comes with DVD tutorial which has 21 lessons with C/Python sample code, circuit graph and step-by-step instruction videos
No matter you are a novice of C or Python language or have some basic C or Python programming experience, this starter pack can help you to quickly understand Pi’s I/O programming concept and save a lot of research time to make your own embedded DIY project
This RPI learning kit is packed in a nice plastic box that protects the product during shipment.


The RPI learning kit is packed in a sturdy nice plastic case which will be PERFECT for gift-giving. This kit is a good starting point for any electronic experimentation

1 Get Started with Raspberry Pi
2 Introduction of Raspberry Pi GPIO
3 Prepare GPIO Tool-WiringPi Utility
4 Python Light LED
5 Flowing LED
6 Breathing LED
7 Raspberry Pi Button Control LED
8 Raspberry Pi Drive Active Buzzer
9 Drive a Relay to Control LED
10 Raspberry Pi SPI Ports
11 Raspberry Pi Control the LED Brightness
12 Raspberry Pi Drive SG90 Servo
13 I2C 1602 LCD
14 SW520D Tilt Switch with Raspberry Pi
15 Raspberry Pi, Potentiometer and LCD
16 Raspberry Pi and PIR Motion Sensor
17 Raspberry Pi Works with DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
18 BMP180 Digital Pressure Sensor with Raspberry Pi
Lesson 19 IR Remote with Raspberry Pi
20 Use Raspberry Pi + IR Remote to Control Other Devices
21 Make IOT Home Alarm System with Pi


Package Includes:

1x Solderless Prototype Breadboard
1x T-type GPIO Extension Board
1x 40 Pin Ribbon Cable
1x I2C 1602 LCD module
1x SG90 Servo Motor
1x 5V 1-Channel Relay Module
1x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module
1x BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module
1x HC-SR501 Infrared Motion Sensor Module
3x Potentiometer (10kilohm adjustable resistor)
1x SW-520D Tilt Switch Sensor Module
1x PCA9685 16 Channel 12 Bit PWM Servo Driver
1x Analog To Digital Converter
1x Active Buzzer module
3x GL5516 Photoresistor (Light Sensor)
24x LED (6 x White, 6 x Red, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Green)
1x MB102 3.3V/5V Power Supply Module with USB to USB power cable
5x Push Buttons
1x Infrared Receiver (VS1838B)
1x Infrared Remote Controller
Resistors package(10Kohm, 1Kohm,1Mohm, 200ohm )
Jumper Wires package(15cm-M to M, 20cm-F to F,15cm-M to F)
1x DVD User manual

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WiFi 802.11b/g/n

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